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Princess Elisabeth of Austria- Sisi of the Sorrows

The Wittelsbachs had a history of crazy.  Both Ludwig I and Ludwig II had their foibles (See posts on both of them here: and here: ) However, Ludwig II’s cousin, Elisabeth or Sisi as she was known, had a life more tragic than crazy.  On the surface, Sisi had it all-  beauty, wealth, […]

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Sophia Dorothea of Celle- The Lady in the Tower

Born the only child of the Duke George William of Brunswick-Lüneburg in 1666, Sophia Dorothea was illegitimate.  Her mother was the Duke’s long standing mistress, Éléonore Marie d’Esmier d’Olbreuse, an exiled French Protestant aristocrat.  They weren’t even supposed to be together, and Sophia Dorothea was not supposed to exist. George William was supposed to marry […]

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Anna Anderson-  The Fake Anastasia

News of the execution of the Romanov family in 1918 rocked the world.  (For more on this please see this post: )  However, in the face of this devastation people tried to keep the faith that someone may have made it out.  European newspaper ran stories that one or more of the Romanov children […]

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