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Skara Brae

  A large storm battered the coast of Orkney Island off Scotland in the winter of 1850.  This is not unusual as the winds there are so strong that trees cannot grow.  What was different about this storm was that the high tides and winds stripped grass and sand from mound known as “Skerrabra” revealing […]

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The Black Dinner-  Fact or Fiction

The Bible says, “Woe to thee, O land, when thy king is a child”, and Scotland was no exception in the 15th century.  James I had been murdered leaving the young James II as the king.  His mother, Queen Joan Beaufort, and Governor of Scotland, Archibald, 5th Earl of Douglas, we’re co-regents.  In 1439, Earl […]

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The History of Medicine – The development of early hospitals

Following on from our look at Vesalius and the science of Anatomy, I got the idea for this article from the rulebook of the order known as Camillans, who by the time of its publication had been in service for a little over twenty years in Milan. It is offered as regulation so we can […]

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