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Kamikaze and the Aborted Mongol Invasions of Japan

In Simon Schama’s History of Britain, he makes the comment that the weather bats for England.  Apparently the weather has that same deal with Japan.  The word “kamikaze” brings visions of suicide pilots from World War II, but the word actually means “divine wind”.  In this case, the kamikaze defended the Japanese islands from invasion […]

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Ching Shih

Ching Shih’s early life is shrouded in mystery. Even her name isn’t really her own, as “Ching Shih” translates to “widow of Ching”. She first appears in the historical record in 1801. However, she left her mark on history as one of the most successful pirates. It is theorized Ching Shih was born around 1775 […]

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Wang Cong’er

18th century China was not an easy place for those born into poverty, especially women.  This was the world Wang Cong’er was born into.  She was born around 1777 in the Hubei province to a peasant family.  There was no money for rents, and the families were forced to borrow at high rates of interest. […]

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