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Eclipses- Historical Harbingers

If you’ve been anywhere near the news, you would have seen that a solar eclipse happened in the continental United States yesterday.  I have to admit it was a pretty amazing experience as I was lucky enough to be in the path of totality.  As the sky went dark and the crickets started chirping, I […]

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Prince Sado of Korea – The Coffin King

There have been many stories of insanity in European royal families. Some even, unfairly or not, have gotten the sobriquet of “the Mad”.  However, European royalty did not corner the market on insane family members.  This example comes to us from the Korea’s Cho’son dynasty, which had ruled Korea since 1392.   Prince Sado was […]

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Yu Gwan Sun-  Korea’s Joan of Arc

In 1904, Korea allied with Japan during the first Russo-Japanese war and lent its territory for Japan’s military operations.  This was only a stepping stone to the Japanese occupation of Korea.  They came and never left.  This was the government’s plan to make Japan a world power.  Tough luck for anyone in Korea that wasn’t […]

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