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Oakham Castle

Built in the late 12th Century by Walchelin de Ferriers (de Ferrers) Oakham Castle is one of the best preserved Norman buildings in England. De Ferrers was from a farrier family of Normandy, whose ancestor Henry de Ferrers arrived in England in 1066. Prior to the Norman conquest, much of Oakham, including the land on […]

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Baynard’s Castle

Many years ago on the North Bank of the Thames opposite the place that is now occupied by Tate Modern there once stood a Norman structure named Baynard’s Castle. It was named after Ralph Baynard who came to England in the company of William the Conqueror. In 1213 the castle was demolished by King John, […]

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The Tower of London

The Norman conquest of England in 1066 changed the face of England forever. The victorious invader William of Normandy would go on to become known as “The Conqueror”, to cement his power over the people of England, and to bring the people of London, the country’s most important city, to heel, he began to build […]

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