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Pope John XII-  The Christian Caligula

In previous posts, we have discussed the pornocracy period in papal history.  In our last one, we discussed Marozia, the mistress and mother of popes and power behind the papal throne.  In this post, we are discussing her grandson, who has the dubious honor of being a contender for the worst popes in history.  I’m […]

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Marozia- The Woman who Ruled the Papacy

In a previous post, we discussed how the period of history ushered in by the Cadaver Synod was called the pornocracy by historians.  Europe was effectively in pieces.  Attacks were coming from the Vikings in the North, Muslim pirates in the South and the Magyars in the East.  Rome was ruled by the Popes, and […]

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The Cadaver Synod

The history of the papacy has many twists and turns, but probably the strangest is the Cadaver Synod or Synodus Horrenda as it was called in Latin.  It was ushered in one of the Era of the Bad Popes, one of the most corrupt periods in the history of the papacy.  It is seriously called […]

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