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The Historical Arthur

The story of King Arthur has captivated people for centuries, but is there a grain of truth in the legend?  Now before everyone gets all bent out of shape, these are theories that are grounded in research.  I am not trying to prove the romanticized versions of the Arthur stories that came from medieval times […]

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Search for the Tomb of Boudicca

After Richard III was found in a parking lot, there has been a bonanza for finding the final resting places of the monarchs of Britain. To round out the series on Boudicca, it seems a natural progression to discuss where her tomb is located.  (For more on Boudicca, please see this post:  http://www.historynaked.com/boudiccas-revolt/ ) Reports are […]

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Boudicca’s Revolt

Things seemed to be going well in Britain after the conquest, for the Romans that is. However, if you were a member of a native tribe, things could be tricky indeed, even if you promised to play ball with the invaders.  (For more on the invasion, please see this post:  http://www.historynaked.com/claudian-invasion-britain/ ) The king of the […]

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