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Saint Guinefort

Very few people have been given the honor of being venerated as a “Saint,” but only one dog has been fortunate enough to receive that distinction. He even has a feast day, which is on Aug. 22. His story dates back to around the 13th century. Historians say that Guinefort the dog saint assumed the […]

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Princess Olga of Kiev

When you think of a saint, most people think of a gentle, Godly person with great patience and faith.  Princess Olga of Kiev proves that a saint can be a woman of God, but not take any crap either. No one is exactly sure of when Olga was born.  Sources put it any where between 879 […]

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The Lonely Life of an Anchorite

In the medieval world, the power of prayer had a very real meaning.  Monks and nuns retired from the world to pray, but for some of the faithful even this wasn’t enough.  An anchorite was an extreme of withdrawing from the world for the religious faithful, and was held in awe in the Middle Ages. […]

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