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The Battle of Crysler’s Farm

We have talked about the strange career of General James Wilkinson.  He has been mixed up with a Spanish conspiracy to control the “west” after the revolution (Please see this post:  http://www.historynaked.com/the-spanish-conspiracy/ ), as well as his involvement the machinations of Aaron Burr after his duel with Alexander Hamilton (Please see this post:  http://www.historynaked.com/aaron-burr-part-ii-king-america/).  He […]

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The White House- Why the White House is White

The symbol of the presidency has been the White House. Originally, called the President’s House or President’s mansion, the site was picked out by George Washington himself and has been the residence of every president since John Adams. The building was designed by Irish-born James Hoban, who won a design competition for the honor. His […]

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Laura Secord

Like most people in the Northeast, Laura Secord had family and friends on both sides of the war. Her father had fought with the colonists against the British in the American Revolution, but after the war moved to the Upper Canada. Once there, she met James Secord and they married in 1797 and settled in […]

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