• Ramesses the Great

    I am going to tell you a story today of a child who became a god, and this story is entirely true.Once upon a long time ago, a baby boy was born. His father and his father's father served in the godking's army so loyally and faithfully that the godking himself appointed the boy's grandfather a position in his court. When the godking died without heirs, his grandfather was elevated to deific status and became the godking of the great kingdom. When his grandfather died, his father was also elevat [...]

  • The Historical Gilgamesh

    So for my very first post ever here on Naked History, I would like to discuss one of the oldest literary characters in recorded history: None other than King Gilgamesh of Uruk. When I say “literary” I do in fact mean fictional as the “Epic of Gilgamesh” was written circa 2000 BCE (between c. 2150 and 1400 BCE), predating Homer's work by roughly 1500 years. According to legend, he was a demigod possessing supernatural powers, such as uncanny strength, exceptionally long l [...]