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Magic Beans-  The History of Coffee

Java.  Cup of Joe.  My reason for living.  These are all euphemisms for that most delicious of things-  a cup of coffee.  But how did coffee become the popular pick me up it is today? There is a legend that coffee was first discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi around 850.  While out […]

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Carlos II-  The Bewitched King

When Carlos was born on November 6, 1661 there was universal rejoicing in Spain that there was a legitimate male heir.  What they did not realize that Carlos had grave health issues.  The child was not expected to live long.  Along with mandibular prognathism, a.k.a. the Hapsburg lip  (his lower jaw being larger than his […]

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Nuremberg’s Secret Vault

Walter W. Horn was exactly the kind of man the Nazis wanted to recruit-  good looking, educated, athletic and descended from five generations of Germans.  However, Walter Horn wanted no part of them.  As a professor of art history at the University of Heidelberg, he watched the rise of the Nazis with horror.  As a […]

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