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Who was Kaspar Hauser?

On May 26, 1828, the streets of Nuremberg, Germany were fairly deserted.  One person seemed to be wandering them aimlessly- a teenage boy dressed in coarse peasant clothes.  He was about four feet nine inches tall with curly brown hair.  He was stocky with broad shoulders and the pale skin of an invalid.  Around five […]

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The Mayerling Incident

Crown Prince Rudolf was the heir to the Habsburg throne and the only son of Emperor Franz Joseph and his beautiful wife Elisabeth, or Sisi.  He was in a notoriously bad marriage to Princess Stéphanie of Belgium, daughter of Leopold II.  At first, the prince seemed to be in love but Stéphanie suffered under her […]

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The Sleeping Spy

When World War I broke out in Europe, the United States was neutral.  It was considered a fight in Europe, and we were better off staying out of it.  Although President Wilson favored the British, the US officially took no side.  However, Wilson’s preference encouraged American companies to sell to the Allies.  However, not everyone […]

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