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Dobrynya Nikitich

He was one of the most popular bogatyrs (epic knights) from Russian folklore. He is actually based on a real warlord, Dobrynya, who led the armies of Svyatoslav the Great and tutored his son Vladimir the Fair Sun. His story starts with Dobrynya’s mother telling Dobryana to avoid the Saracen Mountains, to not trample on […]

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Leon Trotsky: Assassination of a Revolutionary

An exiled Leon Trotsky sat at his desk on the evening of August 20, 1940 with long-time friend, Frank Jackson, who was helping edit an article. Except there was no editing and certainly no Frank Jackson. And death was imminent. A Russian revolutionary born in the Ukraine, Lev Davidovich Brohnstein was born to a farmer […]

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The Tunguska Event

On the morning of June 30, 1908, a fireball, that has been estimated to have been up to 30 million degrees Fahrenheit in the center, was seen roaring across the sky. At 7:17 A.M. in Russia, the flying object exploded above the Earth creating shock waves that registered 5.0 on the Richter scale and an […]

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