• Adolf Hitler

    Hitler was born in Austria on the 20th April 1889, the fourth child of six; His older siblings, Gustav, Ida and Otto all died as infants. At the age of three, Hitler and his family moved to Munich, and then several more times, before settling in Lambach after his father’s bee-keeping business failed. Hitler was quite close to his younger brother Edmund who died in 1900 from Measles, leaving Adolf and his youngest sibling, his sister Paula. His death affected Adolf quite profoundly and he changed from a confident outgoing boy into a quiet sullen introverted child who rejected the strict discipline at his state school and argued often with…

  • Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor; Frederick IV, King of Germany; and Frederick V, Archduke of Austria

    Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor; Frederick IV, King of Germany; and Frederick V, Archduke of Austria.Frederick the Peaceful (or Arch-sleepyhead of the Holy Roman Empire) was the first Holy Roman Emperor from the House of Habsburg; not to be confused with Frederick III (or Frederick the Fair/Handsome) who was King of Germany (and also a Habsburg) from 1314 until 1330. Note that our Frederick III was the fourth Frederick, King of Germany who reigned with that title from 1440 until 14 [...]

  • An Introductory Overview of the Habsburg Dynasty

    An Introductory Overview of the Habsburg DynastyPlease note that this is not meant to be a biography of any one person but a brief overview of the dynasty to show the impact that the House of Habsburg had for many centuries in Europe.It all began with a castle. Just past the banks of the River Aar, set high on a hill, Count Radbot built what would later be known as Habsburg (thought to be translated to 'Hawks Castle'). The castle was built in 1020 in the Empire of the Romans and can [...]

  • Death of Joanna Queen of Castile and Aragon

    Joanna (spanish: Juana) also known as Joanna the Mad was queen of Castile and Aragon. She was born in the city of Toledo, capital of the Kingdom of Castile and was the third child and second daughter of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon of the Royal House of Trastámara. Joanna was known to be incredibly smart and also clever. Queen Isabella made sure that Joanna along with her three sisters Isabella, Maria, and Catherine received a fine education. She was educated and formally trained for a significant marriage that, as a royal family alliance, would extend the kingdoms’ power and security as well as its influence…