• Did you know- Part 3?

    The tenth Duke of Marlborough, while staying with his daughter in the 1920s, was perplexed to find he was unable to brush his teeth – his toothbrush wouldn’t foam. The Duke was staying in a house too small to accommodate his servants, including his valet who would prepare his toothbrush with toothpaste. The Duke was completely unaware that his toothbrush did not automatically recharge with toothpaste after being used. JJ Related posts: No related posts.

  • Did you know part 2?

      Entries for the World Fair in Paris included a giant guillotine and a 300ft high lighthouse. These were declined in favour of Eiffel’s now famous structure! JJ Related posts: No related posts.

  • Did You Know?

    Queen Elizabeth I is recorded as bathing once a month, ‘whether she needs it or no’ which suggests the practice of the time was to bathe less frequently. JJ Related posts: No related posts.

  • Bite Size- Dr Horace Emmet

    In 1889, one Dr Horace Emmet lectured on the secret of eternal youth at Magdalene College, Cambridge - he claimed that, by administering himself the ground testicles of red squirrels by way of injections, he was physically some 30 years younger and could 'visit' his wife daily. However, just eight weeks after his announcement, his wife left him for a younger man and Emmet himself was dead shortly after, from a cerebral haemorrhage.JJ [...]

  • Darwin’s tortoises

    While visiting the Galapagos archipelago in 1835, Charles Darwin (1809-1882) encountered the giant tortoise and observed that, as with the finches, each island had its own unique types of tortoise. The most notable difference, it turned out, was in the shape of the shell – some giant tortoises were able to extend their necks higher than others depending on what food source was available to them. They had evolved to survive on each particular island. The giant tortoise was a staple part of the diet of the indigenous peoples and also a source of money and goods from sale and trade – Darwin ate giant tortoise on James Island. Forty…