Tag: Napoleonic Wars

Princess Caraboo of Javasu

If you are worried that your knowledge of geography is lacking because you don’t know where Javasu is, don’t be concerned.  It’s completely made up.  It is the product of an elaborate fiction of a young woman in 19th century England.  This is the amazing story of a girl who faked her way to royalty […]

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Napoleon’s Strangest Battle

Napoleon was arguably one of the greatest military minds of the his age.  However, he was outwitted by a strange opponent.  No, not Wellington at Waterloo (learn more about that here:  http://www.historynaked.com/battle-waterloo-2nd-abdication-napoleon-bonaparte/ ) nor a beautiful and dedicated queen (read more about Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz here:  http://www.historynaked.com/louise-mecklenburg-strelitz-queen-prussia/ ).  He was attacked and almost vanquished by […]

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