Tag: Plantagenets

The Battle of Cadsand

Edward III, King of England, had ascended to the throne, vacated by his overthrown and imprisoned father Edward II, in January 1327. Edward III as a descendant of William I (also known as ‘the conqueror’) had inherited the French titles of Duke of Guyenne and Count of Ponthieu, in addition to being the son of […]

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Battle of Lewes

After inheriting his father’s throne at the age of nine years old, Henry III also inherited a bankrupt treasury and the Magna Carta signed by King John just a year before. As a result from the beginning of reign, Henry was forced into collecting unfavourable taxes. As he was still in his minority, for the […]

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Edward II

The 25th April 1284, was the date that the controversial King Edward II (aka Edward of Caernarfon) was born at Caernarfon Castle in North Wales. He was the 4th son of Edward I and his first wife Eleanor of Castille. His elder brothers John and Henry having died before he was born, Edward became heir […]

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