Tag: Supernatural

Baron Samedi

In Haitian Vodou Samedi, not to be confused with Papa Ghede (good counterpart), is one of the loa (spirit) of the dead. He is the loa of resurrection, and is often called upon for healing by those near or approaching death, and is the only one who can accept an individual into the realm of […]

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Ghosts of the White House

The stresses and pressures of the presidency are so huge, it is not surprising that an emotional mark has been left on the executive mansion.  A variety of ghost stories exist about the White House, and not all of them are the spirits of past presidents.  Let’s take a look at some of the supernatural […]

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Witch Superstitions

Since the beginning of time, humanity has feared what is different.  Certain people were called out as having “powers”.  Some of these were “cunning folk” who used herbs to heal the ailments of people against the advice of learned doctors.  Some were people who just didn’t fit the mold of normalcy- eyes too bright, too […]

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