Tag: World War I

The Somme

The plan had been drawn up months before. The Allied forces in their first joint effort battle would attack the German front lines along a 24 miles long stretch of France bordering the River Somme. The plan had originally been to attack German-held strongpoints in this area of France, around the Thiepval/Albert area. In February […]

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The Order of the White Feather

During the Great War, several incidences of young ladies presenting a white feather to young men not in uniform, to denote their presumed cowardice, occurred. The romanticised outcome being that the man in question would be publicly shamed into dashing off to the nearest recruitment office to enlist. So what prompted these acts? Was it […]

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Lanoe George Hawker VC

Born in Hampshire on December 30th, 1890 into a well-know and respected military family, Lanoe George Hawker attended first Stubbington House School, and then from the age of eleven, Dartmouth’s Royal Navy College. Despite being an intelligent boy and a keen sportsman, his academic grades proved disappointing as a career in the Navy seemed unlikely. […]

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