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12065544_177124739296283_7679927687420573006_nFreyr (Frey or Frej), in Norse mythology is a god of prosperity and fertility. He controls the sunshine and the rain and therefore also the fruits of the earth. He is the patron god of Sweden. His father is the sea god Njord, and his twin sister is Freyja (Óðr’s wife). Freyr’s realm is Alfheim. At the end of the war between the Æsir (the Warrior gods) and the Vanir (the Fertility gods), hostages were exchanged. Freyr, with his father and sister Freyja, came to Ásgarð, the home of the Æsir.

Freyr possessed two great treasures made by dwarves: the boar Gullin-börsti with golden bristles, and the ship Skíðblaðnir, which is large enough to hold all the gods, but which can be folded small enough to fit in one’s pouch.

Freyr snuck in and sat on Odin’s throne (from where it was said one can see all things around the world), he saw Gerd, a beautiful giantess and daughter of the giant Gymir. He fell in love, and sent his servant Skirnir to woo her for him, but Gerd did not agree until Skirnir threatened to use Freyr’s magical sword to damage her lands. Freyr then gave his sword to Skirnir as a reward. The sword was said to be able to fight by itself. During Ragnarök (The Doom of the Gods) he was the first god to lose because he didn’t have his magical sword. Surt, the King of the fire giant, killed Freyr and then burnt all the nine worlds with the same magical sword.