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Sister goddesses- The Zorja

14955819_365986907076731_6146071227743775988_nIn Slavic mythology, the Zorja are two guardian goddesses, known as the Auroras. They guard and watch over the doomsday hound, Simargl. Simargl is chained to the star Polaris in the constellation Ursa Minor or the “little bear”. If the chain ever breaks, the hound will devour the constellation and the universe will end. The Zorja represent the Morning Star and the Evening Star.

The Zorja serve the sun god Dažbog, who in some myths is their father. Zorja Utrennjaja, the Morning Star, opens the gates to his palace every morning for the sun-chariot’s departure. She is a patroness of horses, protection, exorcism, and the planet Venus. Slavs would pray to her each morning as the sun rose. At dusk, Zorja Vechernjaja—the Evening Star—closes the palace gates once more after his return. She was associated with the planet Venus or Mercury

The home of the Zorja was sometimes said to be on Bouyan, an oceanic island paradise where the Sun dwelt along with his attendants, the North, West and East winds.