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Someone asked me the other day… why continue writing incendiary articles if it just fosters controversy and hate in the comments. I responded: Post anything on the Internet, you’ll get hate in the comments. Also… (rubs hands together evilly) YOUR RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION GIVES ME STRENGTH.

The Coso Artifact was discovered near Olancha, California by some folk who were prospecting for geodes on February 13th, 1961 – a Monday, if you’re interested. They found what appeared to be a 500,000 year old geode (allegedly dated by an accredited geologist) containing a man-made object. The “man-made” object in question was a spark plug. Yeah. Spark plug found inside a half a million year old geological formation, some 498,150 years prior to the modern invention of the spark plug.

Now, the fact that the people who found this alleged artifact never revealed the name of the accredited geologist as well as further studies done on the artifact that suggest other possible geological processes have seriously discredited the possibility that something OTHER than fraud is going on, but no one, and I do mean no one, has be able to prove one way or the other that it ISN’T exactly what it seems to be.13325571_279059609102795_8397803052786144902_n

For those that assume it is the real deal, there is some pretty wild speculation as to how it got there. Everything from ancient aliens to time travel to the circular time theory to string theory. If you don’t know what these are, look them up, it isn’t hard to find. String Theory is gaining popularity and has about as much evidence to support it’s truth as the theory of evolution, so there is that then.

Now… feed me your hate! SURRENDER TO YOUR HATRED! Only then will your conversion to the dark side be complete! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!